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Britain has found its voice! We have spoken out against the disgusting, shocking, terrible, awful, disgusting again and disgraceful misuse of the public’s money by a certain Ross and a certain Brand. It is clear this was the worst thing to ever happen in the whole entirety of history.

Or at least was, until last Saturday, when something far, far worse happened.

Yes, dear reader, I am referring to the abominable miscarriage of justice that was Laura White’s eviction* from prime time show X-Factor.

After all, it must be worse than Brand and Ross considering in the region of 12,000 more people have complained in a shorter space of time.

Somewhere in the region of 37,500 people complained to the BBC over the course of two weeks or so about the prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs, whilst 50,000 have complained in less than a week about Miss White being voted off the talent contest.

Yes, Britain must fight for the underdog! A little old man who is being terrorised by two big bullies whose pay packet is too big (but, of course, we’re not jealous. At all.). A girl on the X-Factor who so deserves her chance to be famous and spend her time going to the openings of letters…

Before you get angry and indignant with my trivilisation of the Sachs debacle, give me a chance to explain. Yes, what was said was bad and made me uncomfortable. But I ask you to consider the fact only two complaints were made at the time of broadcast, which means Brand’s other 400,000 odd listeners weren’t overly bothered. So who was complaining? People who listened to the show after being told what was said.

Am I the only one who thinks this may be akin to looking at a car crash when you know someone has been badly hurt? Seems to me, people love a witch hunt.

And let’s not forget people have lost their jobs over this. Not just Brand, who has other successful sidelines to keep him going, but Lesley Douglas, Radio 2 controller, and David Barber, head of specialist music and compliance. These are hard working people who have been brought down in the hunt for Brand’s head.

I don’t think I’m alone in being outraged for these people. At least, I hope not.

No one is going to loose their job over Miss White’s booting off of X-Factor. In the long term, the only effect will be higher ratings this week. Woop woop for Cowell.

People seem to forget the X-Factor is a game show. What was done may have been tactical, but isn’t that the point of games? To win through any means possible. I know I take that view when I play Monopoly.

I feel the need to reiterate: 50,000 people have complained. 50,000! About something that really makes no difference to anything. Because people, relax, if she’s any good, she’ll get a record contract and probably be more successful than the winner (who the hell won last year, I ask you?).

I am not impressed.

* that may be Big Brother lingo. Sorry, will try harder to keep up to date with my reality tv jargon in future.